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Travel Information

Web Search Guides

by Tom Stewart, Associate Editor


One of the toughest parts of planning a trip is finding the best places to stay and see. Sure, you can buy a printed travel guide and follow it to the letter. But a travel guidebook is only as good as its last edition.  On the other hand, most online travel information is updated frequently so your chances of acting on obsolete info are less.

What about travel agents?  If you're booking a cruise, experts agree you should always use a travel agent.  But for many other kinds of travel, you're likely to do better online, especially in terms of cost, by doing some careful online research.  Nowadays, there's so much excellent travel info online that it cannot be equaled by any other source. Moreover, you can quickly access the websites of most service providers, such as airlines, trains, hotels, and car rental companies (either directly or through aggregators like, to make firm reservations immediately -- no waiting around for an agent to get back to you.

Plus, online, you can save some money in a lot of ways, like booking tickets off season, flying from an out-of-the-way airport, or taking advantage of last-minute hotel deals or packages. 

There are far too many good travel websites for me to review them all, but here are my own favorites.  Hope you find a few gems in this list which save you money or make your travel experience a little easier.

The Lonely Planet

Perhaps the most well known travel guides. Besides travel info, it is also known for its Thorn Free travel online forum.

American Society of Travel Agents

Although a membership website for professional travel agents, you can create an account for access to travel news, events and other useful information.

National Park Service

All the information that you might want on the US national park system!

Wild Sanctuaries in India

Bird watching, tiger tours, elephant trails and wildlife tour packages in India.

Travel Directory

Destinations, guides, travel news and travelogues brought together as one information source.


Find yourself somewhere to go with travel guides based on your interest or the region you would like to visit.


No matter which part of the world you want to visit, you will find useful information here.

Travel Page

Book your travel, find destinations, hotels, cruises and air travel.


A good place to visit for last minute deals on holiday packages

The Savvy Traveller

Online version of a brick and mortar one-stop store for travellers


Travel packages, cheap flights, airline discounts, hotels, reservations and other travel info

Bakpak Guide

Travel info for backpacking trips to USA, Canada, Europe and Australia and tips on backpacking


List of more than travel websites specific to locations round the globe

Families Worldwide

Exciting adventure holidays in Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe and the Middle East

The Fun Time Family Travel

Extensive and exclusive travel information site

Alaska's Sadie Cove Wilderness Lodge

Highly rated eco-resort on the southern coast of Alaska.

Alandaluz Eco Lodge

Award winning eco-tourism proposal in Ecuador

Online Travel Guide

Online travel guide articles on tips and links to help for making travel plans.

Luxury Link

Provides best deals on luxury resorts and hotels at different locations around the world.

Jungle Travels India

A recognized tour operator specializing in tailor-made itineraries for individual travellers and groups.

Africa Travel Links

Whole range of information on travel to Africa

European Travel Commission�s Guide

A must read for people wanting to travel to Europe.

Europe Travel

Detailed travel information, maps and documents you need to travel through Europe.

Travel Pacts

Airline travel, travel packages, travel agencies and much more.

Travel Directory

Complete travel information relating to every aspect of travelling, destinations, activities, preparation and much more.

Directory. Travel

A comprehensive list of travel information websites based on different categories.

Travel Information Directory

Provides extensive travel information in a well planned layout.


A leading online resource for adventure travel and world travel.

India Adventure Travel

Provides relevant information on adventure travel to explore the unexplored India.

Dyna Resorts

A premier holiday resort for wildlife adventure in Kanha National Park, India.

Luxury Travel

Travel info and listing of top destinations around the world.

National Park Tours

Guided National Park tours for discovering the natural beauty of North American and much more.

Middle East Luxury Vacation Packages

Wide range of luxury vacation packages in the Middle East including Israel and Egypt

Budget Travel

This is the place for finding real deals on tickets and accommodation no matter which continent you want to travel to.

AOL Travel

Just about everything you want to know about saving money on a vacation and finding budget friendly places to stay.

Caribbean Vacations

Official tourism site of the Caribbean, the perfect place for beach vacations, golf and scuba diving.

Bahamas Vacation

Official tourism website of Bahamas that contains all information that you may need about this country of 29 islands, 661 cays, and 2,387 islets.

Plan for Vacations

The website provides comprehensive vacation service from planning a vacation to airport parking reservations. A site to visit for tailor made solutions.

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