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Best News Sources Online:

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by Bill Richards, Associate Editor

Newspaper subscriptions reached their peak in 1970 but ever since the emergence of alternate news sources there has been a steady decline in sales. The population is on the rise and newspaper sales are shrinking with every passing year. For one thing, people do not read as much as they used to. Secondly, modern life has taken its toll and people seem busier than ever before. With internet access becoming cheaper, online news sources have become the preferred choice of a vast majority of the population.

It is not only the young who prefer to get their news online; a substantial majority of older adults have also switched to reading newspapers online. Virtually every newspaper has an online version. There are also independent news providers and countless news blogs across the web. It is not only the convenience but also the ability to deliver real time news, in-depth analysis and forums for discussion that has brought about this paradigm change in the ways news are delivered and read.

It's not surprising then that an entirely new segment of internet news has been created. These are alternative sources for political, financial, business and fashion news. What is interesting is that you get to read news and analysis that give you an entirely different perspective, rarely seen in corporate-sponsored media.


Here's a fairly extensive listing of today's best online news sources, annotated for easy scanning.


One of the most trusted names in the news world. It brings you the latest news around the world. No matter what you are interested in, you can always depend upon Reuters.

The New York Times

Log on to this for breaking news, world news and multimedia content, reviews and opinion on practically every sphere of life.

USA Today

The ultimate online news source that covers news, travel, money, sports, life, technology and weather!

The Boston Globe

The online version of The Boston Globe ranks among the top ten newspaper websites in USA.

The Christian Science Monitor

Published daily online and weekly in print, covers US and international news.

BBC World News

Need anyone say anything more about the online version of UK's most popular radio and television news source!

The Washington Post

Mainstream news website of America's popular newspaper and D.C's largest. Excellent source of national, world and D.C. Area news and headlines!

The Independent

A U.K. based newspaper launched in 1986; it is England's youngest newspaper that delivers world and UK news.

New Delhi TV

Visit NDTV for credible India-centric as well as world news on almost every conceivable topic.

ABC News

This is one of Australia's top credible sources of online news; top stories from Australia and round the world.


CNN is perhaps USA's most popular independent source of online political, business, sports and entertainment news. The site has separate pages for different regions and there is an international edition as well.

Google News

This is among the top online news sources beating the websites of the major news sources like CBS, CNN and New York Times.

Yahoo News

Another news portal that delivers news whenever and wherever you want.

World Press Review

This online news source, a monthly magazine, is of particular interest for those interested in analysis and translations (English) of international press.

North American and Caribbean Newspapers

Newspapers online, an enormous database of American, Canadian, Mexican and Caribbean newspapers!

Centre for Investigative Reporting

News source specializing in revealing injustice since 1977

Sci Central

The best source of news in the field of biosciences, health sciences, physics, chemistry, earth, Space and engineering!

Alter Net

One of the more popular independent media websites that features syndicated writings from the alternative press. Monthly magazine that focuses on original journalism and expands on many other media.

The American Prospect

A magazine with liberal political bias that has a very useful blog as well!

Project Censored

Specializes in stories that fail to receive media coverage they deserve

Online Newspapers

You can access nearly 10,000 newspapers from here; search by continent, country and then by publication, English as well as local language newspapers.

Financial News

If there is something happening in the financial world, you can be sure that it is here.

CNN Money

News from the world of finance; this CNN's financial arm has everything from personal finance to business to market news.


The latest in business and market news, the site also allows registered users to create and manage their investment portfolio.


Bloomberg is a premium site for updated business news online and financial information.


A monthly magazine dedicated to critical evaluation of consumerism and corporate media.

Centre for Research on Globalisation

If you believe that there is a need for a dramatic change in world political thought and balance of power, this is the place where you can read news and analysis on the New World Order.

Channel Chooser

Watch live TV news channels online on the Internet. This is an extremely convenient site that has links to TV news channels and more all over the world. Choose by region, country and channel name.

Paper Boy

This site provides links to thousands of online newspapers. Search by region or name of the newspaper.


A website completely devoted to antiwar news and viewpoints.


A quarterly magazine that tracks actions of British corporations

Axis of Logic

Read news and commentaries ignored by mainstream media. Sources input from columnists all over the world; believes in journalistic activism.

Dissident Voice

A radical newsletter that supports the struggle for peace and social justice.

Common Dreams

News for people who believe in progress. The website also has links for news and analytic articles from all over the world.

Democracy Now

Hosts a daily news program that provides access to people and views rarely heard in mainstream media that is subservient to big corporations


An online magazine for underreported news and specializes in investigative reporting.


The website has taken upon itself to make corporations accountable.


This is another source of alternative news that collects, distributes and promotes political, cultural and social issues that the mainstream media chooses to ignore.

Fight Back

This newspaper is published five times a year and covers news and views and analysis on the key issues facing working and low income people.

Global Issues

As the name suggests, this website provides news and in-depth analysis of global issues such as poverty, human rights, environment and globalization.

Independent Media Center

It is a network of independently run non-corporate media organizations and offers grassroots coverage reflecting radical and an accurate view that is free of corporate distortions.

Index on Censorship

Has one point agenda of freedom of expression

Extreme Inequality

Provides information in income inequalities

Information Clearing House

Independent media organization that collects news that you will not find on CNN and other corporate media.


Non- profit organization that covers the activities of the UNO, internal as well as external issues. Publishes the contrarian views of many Heads of State and independent experts.


Lifestyles magazines that focuses on fashion and beauty. Provides latest fashion trends and beauty tips.

Marie Claire

News magazine for the fashion conscious

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