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Funeral Services

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by Tom Stewart, Associate Editor

Losing a close relative or friend is a difficult, emotional and stressful experience for many people. Funeral sites provide help to bereaved people by assisting them in getting through the early stages of arranging a funeral and by guiding them through the various options available.

Regardless of whether you are pre-planning a funeral for yourself, arranging a funeral for a loved one, or providing grief support, it is a difficult task at best. Funeral sites provide help and guide you through the process. Information technology has made possible an entirely new concept by providing online the very latest in funeral service personalization. To take one example, online obituaries have become an accepted mode of disseminating information of the passing away of a loved one and arranging funerals.

Such new concepts are being added all the time and you may not be familiar with what can now be accomplished online in the way of end-of-life planning.

Among the many online services now available are:

--Funeral planning

--Memorial websites

--Grief support

--Funeral home directories and recommendations

--Obituaries/death notices

--Casket and urn sales

--Organ donation information

--Miscellaneous services, such as vital documents storage, cremation products, virtual cemeteries, and more.

Following is a listing of some of the more useful and innovative online resources you many want to research on these topics.

National Funeral Directors Association

Funeral planning, grief resources, funeral service helpline and help in finding a funeral home. This is a complete funeral website.

My Wonderful Life

Make funeral plans, write your obituary, take care of your pets, prepare a list where your vital documents are stored and a lot more.

The Co-operative Funeral Care

Customized plans for cremations and burials, arrangements and memorials!


Online tribute and memorial website!

Funeral Planning

All that you need to know about funeral planning and grief support!

Eternal Image

Pioneers in exquisite high quality memorial products!

Tribute Direct

End-of-life products and services including. Planning, caskets, monuments and urns!

Eternal Reefs

Creates permanent environmental living legacies for families that choose cremation!

Memorial Ecosystems

Specialists in conservation burials

The Family Plot Blog

Provides information on what is new in funeral industry


Complete funeral planner, even lets you name a successor to your Facebook account and specify how it should be handled when you are no more!


Funeral planning, costs, funeral etiquettes and customs and everything else that you want to know about funerals.

The Digital Beyond

In case you are worried about what happens to your digital assets.

Funeral Perfect

Offers comprehensive funeral services with useful suggestion about what you need to discuss with your family and the funeral director.

Funeral Planning

Helps plan funerals and memorials, find a funeral home near you and discover the services on offer.

Forever Remembered

This is an online obituary service. You create your own obituary. It even provides online obituaries from your website if you have one, at a price of your choosing, even at no cost.

Memorial Farewells

Offers memorial website for the bereaved to share obituaries, eulogies, funeral arrangements, guest book and everything else associated with the loss of a loved one.

My Condolences

Offers personalized and lasting memorial web pages in the memory of your loved one.

Acorn Obituaries

Online memorials and obituaries for the departed

American Obituaries

Offers an extensive database of obituaries and memorials

Eternal Star

Offers permanent hosting of family photographs, histories, memorials and documents

Forever Network

Affiliate funeral homes, obituaries and biographical memorials

Gates of Remembrance

Create and view everlasting online remembrance memorial to celebrate the life of someone who made a difference to your life


Pay tribute to the dear departed, honor enduring legacies and connect with people for comfort and inspiration

Dignity Caring Funeral Services

Website offers detailed information on funeral arrangements and plans

Online Funeral

This site offers online solutions for funeral homes and bereaved families. Set up a family website and watch live funeral services.

Internet Cremation Society

Cremation portal that provides carefully researched links for companies offering cremation related services.

Cremation Info

Whatever you may want to know about cremation.

PYRA Development, LLC

The company offers a unique method of interring cremated remains.

Virtual Memorial Garden

A virtual memorial garden for people to get together and celebrate life of their family, friends and pets and tell them why they meant to them.

American Funeral Homes

This website offers services for finding a funeral home, pre-arrangements and grief support.

Matthews Cremation

Offers cremation products and services aimed at preserving the environment.

Anatomic Gift Foundation, Inc.

A program to assist those interested in donating their body for medical science.

Funeral Net

A complete funeral directory website offering important information relating to funerals and cremation.

Funeral Packages

Offers assistance to families to get in touch with caring and knowledgeable funeral directors throughout United States.

Virtual Memorials

You can visit a memorial at this site or create one at this site.

Funeral Search

Guidance and essential help for bereaved people in UK.

Life Celebration Services

Honor the life of your loved one with memorial and tribute prepared by this website

Dignity Memorial

A place to search for obituaries and service providers for planning your final arrangements and theirs.

American Veteran's Cremation and Burial Society

A network of funeral professionals for low cost cremation and burial services for veterans and their spouses.

National Directory of Morticians

Online version of the Redbook Funeral Home Directory

Altmeyer Funeral Homes & Crematory

Website of a chain of funeral homes in Ohio, Virginia and West Virginia

Parting Wishes

Website providing comprehensive services for anything related to end of life planning; wills, funeral plans and memorials.

World Wide Cemetery

A place where internet users can erect permanent monuments of images, sound and motion picture on the web.

National Obituary Archive

Obituaries, celebrity death notices, funeral home directory and much more.

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