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Free Online Music Videos

Web Search Guides

by Tom Stewart, Associate Editor

You can pay for online music videos, of course, but why pay? Nowadays, you can get lots of them free, if you know where to look.

Instead of having to put out your hard-earned cash to buy a VCD or DVD, you can connect to the Internet and watch music videos of your choice for free. To top it off, you can download and save them for future viewing. There are many music video download sites that offer this service for free. Even major record companies, including the Big Five (Sony, EMI, BMG, Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group) upload innumerable music videos from top performers for promotional purposes.

Even so, searching for good free online music videos can be quite frustrating at times. I've done some research on the subject and here are my picks for the top websites for watching free online music videos. Note that while most of them allow free downloads, some do not.

Watch free online music videos, get free music downloads and read music news. You may even tune in to AOL Radio.

Offers most of the popular top music videos

You will find complete music information on Billboard including online music videos and music news, reviews, Billboard music charts, articles and much more

A complete music portal that has thousands of music videos from your favorite artists

Free music videos from an exceptionally large free online music videos database

Movie trailers, music videos, TV shows, video games, Clevver TV and much more

Watch free online music videos from MTV plus exclusive live performances

This site helps you find free online music videos of your favorite artists as well as promotional videos

Catalog of over fifteen thousand music videos along with new releases

This website has an extensive catalog of the best that the web has to offer

Urban music videos, entertainment and the latest on celebrity news of your favorite artists

IMEEM is among the bigger and most comprehensive online music video resources on the web.

Get to know your favorite artists or watch music videos

This website has more than sixty thousand music videos, which it allows you to stream on your website as well as on social media sites

Free online music downloads, music video, and uploads

Free online music videos from your favorite artists, lyrics, music news, charts and celebrity gossip.

Watch, share and create playlists of your favorite music videos for free

Watch new music videos, music downloads and breaking music news

Free high quality music videos

Latest music events, free online music videos and a lot more

Hottest pop stars and rock stars are right here on Watch free online music videos or download.

This website enables users to search for free online music videos and is committed to keeping away spyware and adware.

Watch free videos; tune in to free Internet radio and CD reviews and reviews

A music video search allows you to watch free online music videos that are available internationally on the WWW

Free hip hop, pop, R&B, Latin and Reggae Music videos and music video codes

Visit this site for latest and exclusive music videos.

This is for Christian Music for getting inspiration and entertainment.

Watch thousands of classic music videos from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. The website also offers classic playlists, games, ringtones, discussions, newsletters and TV schedules.

Offers live music videos from rock, unsigned and indie metal and punk bands. Allows free video download and also promotes your music videos.

As the name suggests, this is the place for high quality free online music videos from your favorite metal bands.

Free music videos, download MP3 and create your own playlists and get their codes

Everything concerning music, including online music videos

This is an independent music journalism site that offers free music videos along with many other things such as interviews, forums, games, podcasts and e-cards

As the name suggests, this website offers music videos in the hip hop genre

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