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Easy Healthy Recipes

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by Judy Bates, Associate Editor


Yes, you really are what you eat. (Physically, anyway.) So why not eat well? Most people don't, as we all know. A glazed donut for breakfast, a Big Mac for lunch, a TV dinner and slice of apple pie for dinner (and probably another slice before bed). Sound familiar? That kind of diet is a passport to obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and a few other things nobody wants to think about while eating their apple pie.

What's the answer? One answer � not the only one or the complete answer, but a good beginning � is to learn to cook at home. Yes, learn to cook! You'll probably never achieve �great chef� status but at least you'll get some control over your diet and hopefully enhance your health, among other benefits. So how do you learn to cook at home? -- it's not difficult, just start by following some simple recipes.

The World Wide Web is a great (and convenient) tool for accessing healthy recipes. Here are the best websites we could find for starting out your new career as home chef extraordinaire.

Easy Yet Healthy Recipe Sources Online

One of the most popular and educational websites for all types of recipes including healthy, simple recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Compilation of several lists of recipes arranged in categories such as healthy, ethnic, kosher, restaurant, and vegetarian

The web�s best recipes are right here; search for main meals, starters and soups, side dishes, and desserts and cakes and biscuits; includes lists of international cuisines

Browse for information about everything concerning food, cooking and ingredients; ethnic and vegetarian dishes, food history, food writers, cooking ingredients, recipes and gourmet foods

A vast range of easy healthy recipes listed according to ingredients, time and nutritional information

Portal for finding recipe databases at Epicurious, RecipeLand, and RecipeSource

Search this site for easy recipes for weekdays and weekends.

You will find every type of recipe here from cold and hot appetizers to salads and soups to main course and seafood to desserts and drinks

Great recipes for teas to desserts to food and diet articles, plus everything you want to know about how to cook a healthy meal is here

An extremely convenient source that provides links to specific beverages and foods and personal collection of easy healthy recipes

A complete cookbook recipe browser; contains recipes that have been modified to reduce fat with compromising on flavor

Delicious recipes; quick and easy to prepare, and most of all, low in fat.

Easy healthy recipes of all kinds, including soups, salads, geared to match dietary restrictions without compromising nutritional requirement

A vast collection of vegetarian and vegan recipes

Provides a complimentary weekly new recipe every week based on the lead ad item of Quality Greens farm market; salads, desserts and more

Nutritional recipes for keeping your heart fit

A website devoted to mothers; you will find a great collection of recipes featuring a variety of cuisines, menus, chef/cookbook recipes, salsas, chutneys, jams and jellies, a whole section devoted to desserts and a lot more

Best advice anywhere on micronutrients (vitamins, minerals), fruit and other nutrients and herbs for overall health and fitness. The website has a vast variety of recipes for health and fitness

Healthy recipes designed to lower blood cholesterol especially for those who love to eat good tasting food

This is the place if you are interested in Southern recipes based on European, African and Native American foods and cooking methods

Quick Chinese recipes designed to improve health and fitness

Personal recipes of the Melton family; there are many delicious easy and healthy recipes on home style cooking

Low fat recipes categorized according to Latin American cuisines

Offers a fine selection of high quality low carb recipes and products for the connoisseur

Recipes for innovative but truly home style foods

This website offers consultations for low carb meal planning and a recipe collection for weight loss dieting

From Kraft Foods: More than 2500 healthy living recipes that are delicious and easy to prepare

A vast range of food articles and delicious vegetarian recipes based of wholesome ingredients

Try these Italian recipes at home and you will not be so quick to go out to an Italian restaurant again

A website for healthy recipes and informative articles on food and fitness regimes such as yoga and meditation

Visit this site for organic recipes and information about gardening, health, fruit and vegetables

Approximately 1600 easy healthy recipes including super foods for a healthy heart

Delicious recipes; breakfast grains, Apple Cinnamon Brown Rice Pudding and many more with photos and detailed instructions

Website of vendor, Veg-All, vendor of canned mixed vegetables; offers a variety of recipes for soups, stews, appetizers, snacks and more

This website has healthy recipes and menus and informative articles about food, nutrition and health

Healthy living solutions, advice on meal planning, food safety

An impressive list of recipes showcasing tropical fruits and vegetables

Watch videos of how to bake homemade breads

Recipes for low carb meals and snacks and products for overall health and longevity

Recipes of Chilean fruits; search by fruit; learn all there is to know about Chilean fresh fruit

This website offers new recipes every week and organized grocery lists

A site that provides a free menu planner and recipes designed to encourage people to eat more vegetables

A recipe site where you will find holiday recipes, Egyptian recipes and cooking remedies; go through all the pages and you will find some very useful emergency substitutions

Fruits, fruits fruits; nothing here but fruit-based recipes

Personal collection of excellent recipes collected over 20 years

You will find different ways of making sweet potato pie and cake including options for low-fat and vegan recipes

Not actually a collection of recipes but a place where you can store recipes collected from the web and create shopping lists and organize meal plans

A website dedicated to baked apple recipes

An impressive gallery of recipes featuring Australian fruits

Website of Delicious Orchards, the country food market; offers numerous recipes based on its products

Website dedicated to sauerkraut, has recipes for appetizers, salads, soups, breads and desserts using sauerkraut

Recipes for Bailey�s Original Irish Cream, Irish coffee, Godiva Irish Freeze and a few more traditional Irish recipes

Comprehensive list of cooking sites for recipes, kitchenware, cookbooks and outdoor cooking

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