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Agriculture, House Committee on
[Oversees legislation involving farms and farming, forestry,
and nutrition]

Birth/Death Records
[Birth/death records listed by state]

Census Information
[Broad and deep demographic and economic data]

Center for Investigative Reporting
[Investigative journalism ]

CIA World Factbook
[Reference tool for background information on countries]

Commerce Business Daily
[U.S. government bids, contracts and announcement awards]

Commerce Department Libary
[USDC Library reference desk will check reference publications for background info on businesses]

Congressional Email Directory
[Email addresses of U.S. Senators and Representatives]

Copyright Information - Search Copyright Filings

County Government Information Portal

Demographic/Economic Data
[Population, housing, economic and geographic data,
by city or zip code]

Directory of State Constitutions and State Codes

Embassies in Washington, DC

Embassies Worldwide
[Directory of the world's embasies and consultates]

EPA Inspections and Permits
[Searchable by company name, geographic area, SIC code
and pollutant]

Export-Import Bank of U.S.
[Will provide credit data on foreign companies to whom it has extended credit]

Federal Judiciary Homepage
[Links to all federal court websites nationwide]

Foreign Agent Registrations

Foreign Government Links

Governments on the WWW
[Links to government sites worldwide]

GPO Federal Resources
[Government sites listed by topic]'topics/index.html

[Web police agency which has established lines of communication
with law enforcement agencies worldwide]

[International police organization]

National County Courthouses
[Address database]

SSA's Death Records Master File

State and Local Government on the Net Directory
[A guide to government-sponsored Internet sites]

State Appellate & Supreme Court Opinions & Decisions

State Facts and Information
[Economic, demographic and current political info for all states; also
provides current news for each state]

State Public Records
[State by state directory of public records online sources]

U.S. Government Publications

U.S. Government Telephone Listings
[Directory assistance]

U.S. Patents
[Database of U.S. Patent Office filings]

U.S. Trademarks
[Search registered, pending and expired trademarks]

Zip+4 Code Lookup


ABA Routing Numbers
[Financial institution identifying numbers]

Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
[Aviation association]

Airline Certificate Information
[Searchable directory of airline certificates]

Airport Profiles
[U.S. airport data and information]

American Demographics/Marketing Tools
[Access to archives of American Demographics and Marketing Tools magazines]

Banking Rate Monitor
[Banking site with international info, newsletter, and calculators]

Bankruptcy Courts
[Links, addresses, and telephone numbers]

Broker Search
[Search for securities brokers and brokerage firms]

Business Credit Reports
[Full credit reports on any business]
Search Credit Reports

Business Credit USA
[Quick and inexpensive business background info search]

Business Filings Databases
[Annotated links to business filings by state]
Business Filings

Business Background Reports - Fee based
[Experian Snapshot Reports]
[Dun & Bradstreet]
[Standard & Poors Online Registry]
[U.S. Dept. of Commerce]

Business Wire
[PR wire for business press releases]

Charities Background Info
[Profiles of charitable organizations from the BBB]

Commodities Futures Traders
[Search by NFA ID number, individual name, or firm name]
Search Traders

Corporate Information
[An extremely wide range of corporate/financial research tools]

Corporate Profiles
[Links to over 350,000 corporate profiles]

County Information & Public Records Sources
[County officials, courthouse addresses, and economic and demographic data]

Courthouse Document Retrievers
[Searchable list of courthouse document retrievers by state]

CPA Directory
[Online database of certified public accountants]

Doc Finder
[Physician licensing info]

EINs of Tax-Exempt Organizations:

FDIC Banks Database
[Financial info on banks in the U.S.]

Green Book, The
[Directory of Market Research Firms]

Homes for Sale
Find a Realtor

Home Values
[Searchable home sales prices]
Search for Homes

HUD and VA Foreclosures

Insurance Company Ratings
[Searchable database of insurance companies]

NASD Brokers
[Get background reports on NASD brokers]

National Association for the Self-Employed
[Contains extensive resource list]

National Charities Information Bureau
[Guide to 300 national charities]

National Crime Victim's Center
[Research on the effects of criminal victimization]

Nonprofit Clearinghouse
[Virtually all U.S. nonprofits profiled]

Physician Board Certification
[Verify that a doctor is board certified; see also
"Doc Finder," above]

Profile Canada
Information about Canada's largest 40,000 businesses
Property Foreclosure Sales

Research Edge
[Marketing and business research - Fee based]

Reverse Phone Directory - Fee Based
[Trace unlisted and cell phone numbers]

Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals
[Association of competitive intelligence pros]

State Occupational Licensing Boards
[Searchable listing of state occupational licensing boards]

Swiss Bank Directory

Thomas Register of American Manufacturers
[Search list of manufacturing companies]

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Resources
[Large collection of informational toolkits]


411 Locate
[Search U.S. white and yellow pages, as well as email addresses]

Accident Reconstruction Resources

Aircraft Theft Investigations

Adoption Resources

American Law Sources Online
[Free online sources of law for the U.S., Canada, and Mexico]

Appraiser USA
[Find a real estate appraiser]

Aristotle International
[Voter registration records, political contributor lists]

Articles Search
[Search over 7,000 electronic publications]

Art Theft Postings
Interpol Art Theft Postings

Asia Pacific Domain Owners
[Database of domain owners in the Asia Pacific region]

Association of Independent Information Professionals (AIIP)
[Source for finding professional researchers]

AT&T Toll Free Directory
[Searchable database of AT&T toll free numbers]

Attorney Profiles
[Background/educational info on U.S. attorneys]

Attorneys by State
[Searchable list of attorneys by state]

Auto Reposession Associations
[Time Finance Adjusters]

Blue Sheet, The
[Profiles hundreds of thousands of jury verdicts; searchable database]

British Public Records Office

Canadian Corporations
[Online info service specializing in Canadian businesses]]

Canadian Directory Assistance
[Search Canadian directory assistance on the Internet]

Canadian Investigations
[Canadian Private Investigators Resource Centre]

Can We Tape?
[A guide to taping phone calls in the 50 states and D.C.]

CataLaw - Metaindex of Law & Government
[Catalog of law resources online]

Child Support Guidelines

Citation Handbook

Class Action Lawsuits Database

Codes of Ordinances
[Over 14,000 municipalities]
[Corrections industry resources and info]

County Recorders Office Document Access
[Online database of almost a trillion recorders office documents]

Court Rules, Forms and Dockets
[Browse or search by keyword]

Crime Lynx
[Criminal defense practitioner's guide thru the Internet]

Crime Spider
[Links to crime and law enforcement sites]

Criminal Encyclopedia
[Short articles on crime-related topics]

Criminal Records Access Described by State

Domain Name Lookup
[Enter the URL of a business, find out who owns it]

Drug Identification Service
[Pharmacists make tablet and capsule identifications
over the telephone]

Drug Testing in the Workplace
[State laws governing substance abuse testing in the workplace]

E-Bay Search Page
[Search E-Bay bidders and sellers by email address]
Search E-Bay

Edgar Public Financial Records Database
[SEC's database of info on publicly traded companies]

Electronic Surveillance Laws by State

Employment Verifications
[Start/termination date, total time at company, and job title; fee-based]

Executive Compensation Packages
[Search EDGAR Online People database]

Expert Witnesses
[Alphabetical listing of experts who have testified in civil jury trials across the U.S.]

Expert Witness & Consultant Directory
[Searchable list of expert witnesses and consultants]

European Patent Search
Search Patents

Evidence Photographers

Excluded Party List System
[Persons and businesses banned from doing business with the
federal government]

FAA License Holders

Federal Judiciary Homepage
[Links to all federal court websites nationwide]

Federal Criminal Law
[Comprehensive legal research on federal law]

Federal Prison Histories
[Current and former federal inmates; click Inmate Information link]

Federal Records Access
[How to access Federal Records]

Federal Regulations
[Code of Federal Regulations]
Search the CFR

Find a Person/Find a Business
[Search for businesses/professionals by general category]

Foreign Vital Records

Fraud Examiners
[Association of Certified Fraud Examiners]

Genealogy Help
[Research help]

Government Document Delivery
[Offers public records document delivery and related services for government organizations]

[Info about hate groups]

Hieros Gamos
[Global legal resources]

Hoover's Online
Company capsules on over 15,000 companies

How to Obtain a Certified Copy of a Report of Birth,
Death or Marriage Abroad
[U.S. State Department tutorial]
Search by business name, business category, person's
name, phone number]

International Society of Air Safety Investigators
Air accident investigations in 35 countries

International Property Digital Library
[Intellectual property data collections hosted by the
World Intellectual Property Organization]

Internet Archives
[Wayback Machine]

Internet Legal Resource Guide
[Index of more than 4000 legal webbsites worldwide]

Internet Searches for Investigators
[Many free investigative searches]

Investigator's Open Network
[Worldwide investigator referral service]]

I.P. World Map Project
[Find geographic location of IP addresses]

Kruglich's Investigative Search Engines
[Search tools for investigators]

'Lectric Law Library

Media Finder
[Database of print media in the U.S. and Canada]

Medical Literature
[National Library of Medicine's Medline database]

Meta-Index for US Legal Research
[Central clearinghouse for circuit court opinions]

Military Search
Current military status of any individual from DOD [fee based]

Murder Victims
[Database of murder victims and murder statistics]

National Criminal Justice Reference Service
[Lists publications and links on corrections, courts, crime, drugs,
international crime, and juvenile justice]

National Fraud Information Center
[Portal to government agencies, professional associations and
other resources]

Nationwide Telephone White Pages
[Nationwide white pages for business and residential phones;
also phone number reverse lookups]

Navigating the Maze of Criminal Records
[Tutorial on criminal records access]

Nevada Gaming Control Excluded Person List

News Searches

Occupational Licensing
[Occupational licensing requirements by state, occupation, and agency]

Online Airport Database

PACER Service Center
[PACER overview, registration info, and links to PACER websites and U.S. Party/Case Index]

Patent Collections
[U.S., Europe, Japan]

Patent Grants and Applications
[Full text and full-page image databases from the U.S. Patent and Trademarks Office]
Search Patents

People Search for Low Income or Transient Persons.
[Click on "State Database Solutions" ]

Pilot Search
[FAA-licensed pilots]
Search for Pilots

[Law enforcement news, resources, and info]

Police Reports - Fee
[Retrieves police reports nationwide]

Political Contributors
[Contributors to political campaigns in the U.S.]

Political Donations
[Political donation sources] and

Private Investigators by State
[Searchable list of private investigators by state]

Process Servers
[National Association of Professional Process Servers]

Process Servers by State
[Searchable directory of process servers by state]

Questioned Document Examiners
[American Association of Questioned Document Examiners]

Quickform Contracts
[Automated directory of documents for computer industry, Internet commerce, and general business transactions]

[Legal research resources and links]

Safe Deposit Boxes
[Assistance in locating the safe deposit boxes of deceased persons]

SAFER Database
[Safety and Fitness Electronic Records; ownership and safety records
of trucks available through this DOT resource,
using DOT number stenciled on side of truck]

SEC Edgar Filings
[Text Search]

Self-Help Law Center
[Do-it-yourself law]

Sex Offenders
[State by state directory of sex offender registries]

Skip Tracing
[Directory of free people search resources]

Social Security Death Index

Social Security Number Verification
[Determine if a SSN is valid and active or deceased]

Stolen Boats
[Rewards offered]

Surname Searches

Telephone Company Tracing
[Tool for determining if a phone number is a land or cell line]

Television News Archives
[Archives at Vanderbilt University; over 30,000 broadcasts]

Tenant Screening
[Tracks problem tenants]

Thesarus of Geographic Names
[Searchable thesarus of a million-plus names of places worldwide]
Search the Thesaurus

Time Zone Converter

Toll Free Reverse Lookup
[Enter a toll free phone number to find out registrant. Fee based]

Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC)
[Huge collection of law enforcement related information that can be
localized to your region]

UK & European Business Search Engine
[Ask Henry Search Engine]

Ultimate White Pages
[The white pages online]

U.S. Code

U.S. Court Forms
[Over 50,000 free forms]

U.S. Courts
[Statewide court info, news and case searches]

Vehicle Identification Numbers
[Decode VIN numbers into model year, manufacturer, and
model; for a fee, learn vehicle history info though not owner name]

Voter Lists
Registered voter lists for registered investigators and government
officials [fee based]

World Law Direct
[Lawyer index; features free "Ask an Attorney"]

Zip Code Decoder
[Enter a zip code to learn city and state]
Decode a Zip Code number


Alternative Press Index
[Subject index and title index to articles appearing in alternative
and radical publications worldwide]

Alumni Net
[Worldwide database of alumni]

American Factfinder
[Community profile maps and geographic info from U.S. Census Bureau]
U.S. Census Bureau Maps & Facts

[For anonymous web surfing]

Apartment Directories
[Links to apartment directories in major cities]

Architects Nationwide

Auto History Report
[fee based]

Books - Out of Print
[Harvest Booksearch - no charge to search]

Career InfoNet
[Career information, assessment and guidance for virtually all careers]

Car Lemon Reports
[Vehicle history public records by vehicle ID number]
Search for a VIN

Child Abuse and Missing Children
Currency Converter
[Converts one currency to another at current exchange rates]

[USDOJ informational site]

Cyndi's List of Genealogical Sites on the File VersionsWarning: Restoring an older version will overwrite the current file without backing it up. New ArchiveArchive Name Jump to ... Homep Internet
[genealogy info]

Disasters - Tracking of
Federal Emergency Management Agency
[Westside Avalanche Network]
[National Geophysical Data Center]
[Office of Hydrology]
Forest Fires
[Bureau of Fire & Aviation Management]
Railroad Accidents
[Federal Railroad Administration]

English Land Registry
[Real property ownership searches and property prices in
England and Wales]

Fed Ex Tracking
[Federal Express tracking site]

Financial Calculators
[home rent vs. buy, compare loans, calculate mortgage payments, others]

Find a Grave
[Almost 18,000,000 grave records in about 30,000 cemeteries]

Find a Mover
[Free quotes]

GI Search
[Military personnel search, all branches]

Geographic Nameserver
[Enter a city name and get back its county, latitude/longitude,
elevation, population, and postal code]
Search for Info on a City

Google Groups
[Archives most newsgroups]

Hotels Searchable Directory
[Covers every state]

[Scholarly and academic Internet resources]

International Dialing Codes
[Country codes, IDD prefixes, and NDD prefixes]

International Salary Calculator
[Use to determine costs to relocate to another city]

Internet Public Library: Ready Reference Collection
[Categories include Almanacs, Census Data, Dictionaries, Geneaology,
Geography, Quotations and Telephone Numbers, among others]

Internet Radio Station Directory
[Searchable links to online radio stations worldwide]

Investigative Abstracts
[Print and broadcast investigative stories]

Jewelers Board of Trade
[Searchable database of background info on jewelery dealers in U.S.,
Canada, and Caribbean]

Long Lost Family Bulletin Board
[Check to find out if a family member is looking for you]

Missing Children
Website of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Newsletter Access
[Directory of over 5,000 newsletters]

National Public School Locator

News Archives
[Links to U.S. news and public records archives available on the Web]
UNC's News Archive

Notable Women Ancestors

Nursing Home Ratings
[Database of nursing homes and nursing-home ratings]

Online Texts Collection
[From Internet Public Library. 17,000 texts in many subject areas]

Online Translation
[Translate text and websites; six language capability]

Out of Print Books

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)
[Computerized database of over a million technical reports]

People Tracker
[Enables you to "track" any of over 120,000 executives and members of the Forbes celebrity lists. Registration required.]
Forbes People Tracker l

Pension Search Directory
[People who have earned pensions but can't be located by their former employers]

Physician Select
[Professional information on 725,000 U.S. physicians]

Radio Station Locator
[Search for radio stations worldwide by city, call letters, or zip code]

Salary Database
Search for Salaries

Spammer Complaints Database
[Check out URLs for spamming complaints]

Telephone Area Codes

Translation: Alta Vista Babelfish
[An online translation service -- free but accuracy dubious.]

Travel Advisory Hotline

Unclaimed Property

Used Car Prices
[Kelley Blue Book website]

UPS Package Tracking

U.S. Surname Distribution
[Enter a surname into the form and get back a map of the U.S.
showing the distribution of people with that surname.]

Victim Assistance Online
[A resource for victim assistance specialists]

Weather Forecasts
Get a Forecast

Weather Worldwide
[Average temperatures for almost 7,000 cities]

Web Search Guides
[Research tutorials on a wide range of topics]

Where to Write for Vital Records
[Birth, death, marriage, and divorce records]

World Wide News Search
[Headlines, summaries, and links to Internet news sites throughout the world]

Zip Code Directory
Look Up a Zip Code

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