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Best Celebrity Gossip Sources

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by Tom Stewart, Associate Editor

Even though we don't need gossip-mongers to tell us that the life of a celebrity is not as easy as it seems, it's always interesting to sneak a peek behind their carefully-constructed PR walls. Maybe it's because everybody at heart wants to be a star. Or maybe it's because, here in the U.S. our closest take on British Royalty is our celebrities, especially leading Hollywood actors and actresses.

And maybe, also, we suspect there's an exciting hidden world out there, part glamour and part sleazy razzmatazz, and, naturally enough, we want to know about it. Celebrity gossip gives us a sneak peek into lifestyles we envy and vices we love to abhor (and sometimes also envy). Fitzgerald said the rich are different from you and me. Well, so are our Hollywood royals.

So where can you go online to bend an ear to the latest celebrity gossip, including Hollywood gossip? Here are my choices for the Best Celebrity Gossip Sources.

Hollywood News

Find out what your favorite celebrity is saying about whom..

The Movie Times

The Movie Times has a vast picture gallery and allows you to rate celebrities.

Oh No They Didn't

A site that is community driven but here is where you can get the latest at all times. If you want to read about breaking celebrity news, this is the place to be!

Pop Eater

Celebrity One-Stops including movie, TV and music celebrities plus some naughty and nice news

MSN Entertainment

Celebrity gossip to celebrity news, cartoons and much more

Perez Hilton

From celebrity scoops to the latest fashion that each one of them is supporting, this is the place that will give you posts, videos and more.


Mug shots, hot galleries, hot bods and the latest videos, you can get news about Hollywood celebrities and sports tycoons too.

The Superficial

Who recently nearly spilled out of the most eye-popping bikini, drunk celebrities and those who are stealing other people's husbands - get the skinny on all of them here.

The Hollywood Gossip

If you want to almost be a part of the celeb life and know about the latest weddings, babies, fashion, hairstyles, apparel, love scandals and heartbreaks, check out this baby for more.


The Internet movie database that also provides celebrity news, message board!

Celebrity Journal

Abstracts of celebrity news with links to full articles!


Those making the headlines for the wrong reasons make the headlines for the right reasons here!

Celebrity Gossip

Who's been seen where, doing what and more! You also get movie news on latest releases, celebrity scandals, breakups and hookups, one night stands and some of the hottest stories doing the rounds.

Pop Sugar

Check out this for who's wearing what these days and going out with whom. Check Pop Sugar for what your favorite celebrity does to keep fit and buzz sugar for the latest celebrity gossip.

Yahoo Movies

This one is for movie buffs

TV Squad

This is from AOL and it is all about celebrity interviews


This is celebrity gossip straight from the hip and no holds barred. It even has convenient

links to other celebrity websites.

X17 Online

This one is for Celebrity news, celebrity gossip, celebrity photos and videos and paparazzi pictures of Hollywood stars and much more.

Inspired Minds

Profiles of artists from the world of music and literature; interview audios and cultural news from Europe

I'm Not Obsessed

Everything on this website is pure celebrity gossip without any guilt. Check this out for the top celebs and find out who is having a baby from whom.


The latest celebrity pictures and latest news of who was sighted where and with whom! Couples, hot bodies and what is hot now!

Fame Tracker

Showbiz news, movie reviews; a virtual magazine that reveals the funny side of celebrity culture

PMP Network

News, audio interviews and reviews on famous people from movies, theatre, TV and the world of music

Socialite Life

News, photos, TV and film celebrities and music! Know the latest trends in the film world. Don't miss the red carpet for opinions and how to get the celebrity look.


The magazine for everything there is to celebrity news, lifestyle, horoscopes, styles and all that you want to see and know.

Chatshow Network

Exclusive video interviews of celebrities from the world of music, TV, movies and theatre


This site features celebrity gossip for the hardcore and entertainment news with a difference.


Latest blog posts related to celebrity gossip and news. Also includes a blog search engine and a social network for bloggers

Gossip Girls

Usual celebrity gossip along with movie reviews and information on upcoming events and includes a huge gallery for downloads.

Go Fug Yourself

Awards, photos and the latest in celebrity gossip!

Hollywood Rag

If it is happening in Hollywood, you will find it here

Crazy Days and Nights

This one is not about movies and TV alone.

Stars Struck News

Gossip from Hollywood and latest interviews and news

Celebrity News

New releases, celebrity interviews, trailers, exclusive photos, news and gossip

The Insider Online

Latest celebrity news, scandals, videos, photos and sightings, which you can share and rank

Hello Magazine

The place for news from the world of celebrities, royalty, music, fashion and actors

New York Social Diary

A well laid out site for those interested in the social life and party pictures of rich and


Teen Idols 4 You

News, pictures and multimedia of your favorite teen movie and TV stars

Michael Dante

Interviews with celebrities from the world of movies, TV, music and sports

The Star Scoop

Features articles, news, music, movies and celebrity interviews

The Lively Set

This is a must visit site if you have a soft spot for celebrities of 1950s and 1960s

Young Hollywood

This site has everything concerning Hollywood; music, lifestyle videos, news, gossip, fashion, photos and trailers.

Celebrity Gossip 411

Priceless gossip and what�s happening with celebrities

Pink is the New Blog

This site�s motto is that everybody�s business is my business


A unique mix of pop culture, celebrity and entertainment news

Positively Celebrity

Covers celebrity inspired fashion and news along with movies, TV, music and tips for fitness and beauty.


Check this out for up-to-date information about your favorite stars, a vast picture gallery of latest photos and celebrity style news.

Celebrity Gossip

This website has very good site layout and has clubbed all celebrity gossip at one place.

Hollywood Tuna

Blog dedicated to celebrity gossip and rags on popular female actors and their lifestyle

Celebrities Babies

Celebrity babies and children blog that also posts celebrity news, celebrity lifestyle

Celebrity Gossip Blog

Latest Celebrity Gossips, News, reviews, pictures, videos on the celebrity lifestyles

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