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State & County Public Information

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(Updated 2011))                                                                              Links to Other States


Mayor's Office

(202) 727-2980

Attorney General


Legislation Records

Criminal Records
Metropolitan Police Department Headquarters
300 Indiana Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20001

Inmate Locator

Sex Offenders

Vehicle Ownership Information
Department of Motor Vehicles
Government of the District of Columbia
PO Box 90120
Washington, DC 20090

Vehicle Registration Verification

Vital Statistics (marriage/divorce/birth/death)
Health Department-Vital Records Division
825 North Capitol Street NE, First Floor
Washington, DC 20002
Workers Compensation
Office of Labor Management Programs
441 4th Street NW, Ste 1150 North
Washington, DC 20001

Business/Corporate Records
UCC/Tax Liens
Office of the Secretary
John A. Wilson Building
1350 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Suite 419
Washington, DC 20004

Real Property

Registered Organizations, Businesses


Civil Records
DC Superior Court Civil Clerk's Office
Moultrie Courthouse
500 Indiana Ave,
NW Washington, DC 20001

Other District of Columbia Public Records

Assessor, Property

Delinquent Taxpayers

Driver License/ID Card Verification


Superior Court Civil, Criminal, Probate

Tax Sales List

Unclaimed Property

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